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Lineart(2 characters)
A lineart of two characters, no examples yet.
All non-custom adoptables I make from now on, aside from things I made before 8/28/2015 will now go for this price, and need to be paid for here. These will be cheaper than customs because I am making them ahead of time without being asked.

All other adoptables from before can be paid for through the donation widget or just giving points.

Maybe sometimes I will make ones for more or less, depending on how much I like them. And those will get to be paid for through donations or just giving points.
Powerpuff Girls style.
I lined and colored drawing in the Powerpuff Girls style, with a quick background. It will only come colored, because it looks better that way.

PPG Style Me by xtrolldavestriderx
Custom Adoptables
Full colored, linearted adoptable. Please specify what you want it to be(Sonic character with animal stated, specific animal, human, gem, troll, keronian, etc.), a theme(type of candy, color pallette, character from a different fandom than the character is for, etc.), and a gender(male, female, etc.) No examples yet, since I haven't done any.

Zorua Themed Character - Read Description. by xtrolldavestriderx
Lined and Colored(two characters)
Two characters, lined and colored. Same rules as everything else.

Sonic and Tails by xtrolldavestriderx
Sketch(2 Chatacters)
Two characters sketched on paper. Same rules as everything else.

(Not)Pines Twins by xtrolldavestriderx
One character, no lineart. Just colored. No mature content. Can be human-like, keronian, Sonic, or an animal.

Heather Lineless by xtrolldavestriderx
Digital Lined and Colored
One character, digitally lined and colored. No mature content, can be human-like, animal, keronian, or Sonic character.

Heather Colored by xtrolldavestriderx
Lineart Commission
A lineart of just one character. No mature content, can be human-like characters, keronian, animals, or Sonic.

Heather Lineart by xtrolldavestriderx
Sketch Commissions
Just a full body sketch of one character. I can do animals, keronians, Sonic, and human-like characters.

I cannot do any mature content, and I cannot draw furries.

Dave Keronian by xtrolldavestriderx


I'm So Sorry(Not Really Mature Content)
Tagged as mature because a lot of people do not like OC x Canon or self-shipping. There is no actual mature content, there never really is.

I just really like Dave and was scared to post anything until today, :icongalaxys--clouds: was helpful on getting me to post it though so thanks.

All negative comment will be hidden, it's not like I didn't have my own self-insert character long before this picture. It isn't specifically for this. And before you say Dave isn't into girls, just remember that him and Davesprite have both dated girls before. And I don't get mad seeing Dave shipped with others, I actually really like some of them. They're cute. Even though a lot of girls I have seen are like "ONLY I CAN BE SHIPPED WITH THIS CHARACTER," that's just immature.
Commission by xtrolldavestriderx
Commission for :iconthe-alicorn-artist: of his pony cuddling with his friend's fox. In sweaters.
Information - READ DESCRIPTION! by xtrolldavestriderx
Here are some important things to read.

:bulletred:I stopped doing trades with anyone outside of my actual friend group because a lot of times, people forget to do their parts, and sometimes ignore me when I ask months after doing my part. And it is not because they don't have time, they are literally posting new requests and things from others.
:bulletred:I stopped requests, because I got tired of having no ideas, then the ideas I get were from people wanting free art. That's be fine and all, if some people had wanted to commission me. I don't see a reason I should draw free art for people and never get anything in return.
:bulletred:Gifts are for friends only, because I feel weird making random Christmas, birthday, or other things for people who don't even know I exist.
:bulletred:Before you say that 100 points is expensive, please notice the price in actual money. It's really cheap, especially when a lot of people don't go below $10 for a sketch. I am doing 1/10 of the low-average sketch price, because I want it to be affordable to people and my art isn't as detailed as the $10 sketches people make. This is cheap. None of it goes above $2 unless you want several characters.
:bulletred:Customs you need to tell me the species(cat, pony, Sonic character, troll, human, etc...) and a theme/color palette/whatever, then I will do my best.
:bulletred:My drawings almost never take more than a day, they only will if I have a lot to do away from the computer, or a lot of drawing, or I am having trouble figuring it out. If I take over a week, you can note me for an explanation, and I will answer as soon as possible.
:bulletred: Everything is either ankle-up, or foot-up. I might make some cheap headshots and portraits available eventually, though, that will be under a dollar and actually come with a background in 1-5 colors of your choice.
:bulletred:I will not do any mature content, muscle, extreme weight gain(as long as the character looks like they should be able to stand I will draw bigger characters), oversized body parts(except eyes and heads because I always draw huge eyes), or basically any characters from Adult Swim or Clarence.
:bulletred:If you want it to look nice, it should probably be no more than 3 characters.
:bulletred:I can't draw hands. Expect the little arm-nubs like they have in Powerpuff Girls.
:bulletred:I can say no, and if I do not give a reason, do not ask for one.
:bulletred:Customs cost more than regular adoptables because I am going entirely based on someone else's idea, not one that popped into my head. So it may be more difficult.
Tyrian Troll Adoptable - Offer To Adopt  - OPEN. by xtrolldavestriderx
Tyrian Troll Adoptable - Offer To Adopt - OPEN.
This one will be an an auction adoptable because I like her a lot, reply to my comment with an offer, and make sure no one offered the amount you did or not. After I choose someone, I will make a specific commission widget for the amount of points they offered for them to send points to. Unless they offer in actual money, then I will note them with the email. You do have to have as much as you are offering or more before you offer. That black is a nose piercing.

Starting Bid: 100:points:($1.00)
Auto buy: 500:points:($5.00)
I want to do some character/food/whatever themed adopts. I'll start out doing 5 at most, you just need to show me a character and tell me what you want the character to be. Just tell me a gender and if you want pony, human, troll, gem, or something else.
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